Ideas for an Eco Friendly Valentine's Day

February 10, 2020

Ideas for an Eco Friendly Valentine's Day

A celebration of love, Valentine's Day is traditionally associated with hearts and flowers and the exchange of Valentine's cards. It's a time of year when supermarket isles are crammed full of unwanted Valentine's gifts, often heavily packaged in plastic and destined for landfill!

For those of you who enjoy the romance of Valentine's Day but want to celebrate it in an eco-friendly way we've compiled some of our favourite eco-friendly ideas to show your love both to earth and to that someone special!

A Card

Finding a card free of plastic and glitter for Valentine's Day can be quite the challenge, so why not make your own. You don't have to be an artist to create a romantic sentiment - it takes a lot more thought and consideration to create a card than to simply buy one. If you don't fancy making one why not start a tradition and repurpose an old one? I love this story of how a couple recycled the same Valentine's day card for 70 years!!

Homemade Valentine's Card


A home cooked meal

Avoid the crowds and overpriced food in restaurants on Valentine's Day and cook your loved one their favourite meal to enjoy at home. If a meal feels too much consider breakfast in bed or a lovingly prepared packed lunch. It's a lovely way to show your love, even if you're not the best cook - it's the thought that counts.

Opting for a takeaway instead you can still reduce waste by taking asking if you can use your own containers - many restaurants and takeaways are happy to do so!

Cutlery Set

A romantic walk

Take a trip to the coast, woodlands or even your local park and enjoy some fresh air together. Give each other time to talk without the distraction of technology or home life.

Couple walking on beach

The Gift of Time

Put down your mobile phone, turn off the TV and give your loved one undivided attention. In a world of overstimulation and distraction we can easily fall into the trap of 'listening' to one another whilst multi-tasking (i.e. scrolling through your phone or having one eye on the TV set).

Couple communicating

Write a love letter

In a time before email, texting, Whats App, Messenger, Snapchat ... we used to actually write letters to one another! Handwritten love letters are special as they show your loved one that you've taken time to reflect and consider your words. A love letter is an act of true romance, something that can be held and kept, still giving the same warm feeling even after it's been re-read over and again. 

Love Letters

Reasons I love you

Create a really thoughtful gift by listing all the reasons you love someone and popping them into a jar - you can repurpose a jam jar or similar and personalise it with a little ribbon or decorative item. Sentiments can be enjoyed right away or saved for later. A lovely way for your loved one to know how much you love them.

Reasons I love you jar


I owe you jar

Similar idea to the 'I love you jar' but with 'I owe you' notes instead. Whether it's a cup of tea on demand for a day, a foot massage or a date night, the possibilities are endless!

 A bit of fun!

Grab a pen or use a toothpick to leave a romantic message on a banana - not only a bit if fun but zero waste! 

Bananas with written messages

If purchasing a gift, make it an eco-friendly option

Eco Beau offers a beautiful collection of eco friendly, ethical and sustainable gifts for Valentine's Day. Here's some of our faves ...

 Mutiny Shaving SetEco Beau Beauty BoxWild Sage and Co Soap Set







Eco Beau On the Go Gift SetWild Sage and Co Rose Clay Skincare SetLyonsleaf Skincare Sets


What are your plans for an Eco- Friendly Valentine’s Day?

Let us know in the comments below...

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