Bamboo Toothbrush

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Made with the finest, high-quality bamboo this toothbrush is the perfect alternative to environmentally damaging plastic toothbrushes. The rounded ergonomic handle is crafted from sustainable, organic bamboo which is naturally anti bacterial and the bristles are medium nylon 4. 

Every year over a billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away worldwide, ending up in landfill, in the sea or washed up on a beach. Using a bamboo toothbrush with a biodegradable handle is a simple and easy change to make for anyone looking to live a minimal waste lifestyle and will contribute towards reducing plastic pollution.

Looking for a eco-friendly toothbrush holder to keep your bamboo toothbrush safe and clean? Why not partner with our bamboo toothbrush holder, the perfect practical storage solution for both children and adult size toothbrushes.

Toothbrush Care

We recommend, based on advice from dentists, that you replace your toothbrush every 3 months.

After use, please don’t leave standing in water.

When it's time to replace your toothbrush there are many ways to repurpose it. Why not use it for cleaning tricky areas in your bathroom, to clean out dust between the keys on your computer keyboard, to remove debris from the vents on a hairdryer or to mark plants in the garden!

If you are going to compost the handle be sure to remove the bristles first. You can either pull out the bristles with a pair of pliers or snap the whole toothbrush head off. 

Size: 19cm


  • Plastic Free handle - made from organic bamboo.
  • Made ethically in China under safe and fair working conditions.
  • Our suppliers offset the carbon emissions of transporting products from China by planting trees through the charity 
  • Plastic free packaging - packaged in a cardboard box.

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