Bamboo Toothbrush Holder

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Looking for a eco-friendly toothbrush holder to keep your bamboo toothbrush safe and clean? Our bamboo toothbrush holder is the perfect practical storage solution for both children and adult size toothbrushes. 


Bacteria-resistant - Bamboo has the natural ability to fight bacteria. You wouldn’t want germs sitting on your toothbrush, right? If left dirty, it will go mouldy faster as a result.Take advantage of its antimicrobial benefits! The bamboo toothbrush holder is the perfect match for our range of bamboo toothbrushes (CLICK HERE).

Lightweight - This holder is crafted to perfectly keep your toothbrush in place. It’s very portable and saves more space as well. In addition, it’s also travel-friendly. Just pop it in your bag and you’re ready to go!

Effortless cleaning - It has a drainage hole at the bottom so that it doesn’t get filled with water. Not only it prevents mould from spreading, but also keeps it from forming on your toothbrush. For a longer lasting holder, just wash it with soap. Let it dry afterwards.


  • 4 cm in height
  • 9 cm outer diameter
  • 5 cm inner diameter

Think it’s too small? It holds all toothbrushes we sell (CLICK HERE). They just go together so well!


  • Plastic Free - made from organic bamboo.
  • They are made ethically in China under safe and fair working conditions.
  • Our suppliers offset the carbon emissions of transporting products from China by planting trees through the charity 
  • Zero Waste and Vegan
  • They come in an attractive box made of recycled cardboard.

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