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LoofCo Washing Up Pad - 2 Pack

LoofCo Washing Up Pad - 2 Pack

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The Loofco Washing Up Pad is an ideal plastic free alternative to disposable plastic dish sponges. Made of natural loofah plant, the Loofco Washing Up Pad can be used to wash your dishes without damaging the planet, providing you with a great alternative to the green and yellow plastic scrub pads commonly found in the home.

Unlike conventional plastic scouring pads these natural loofahs won't release microplastics that wash down the sink ending up in our waterways and oceans.

When immersed in water swells up to become a soft, spongy and flexible pad. It’s soft enough for non-stick pans and supple enough to fit into mugs. Removes stubborn foods and other substances safely without scratching cooking surfaces. Stays fresh and effective for months. Plastic-free and Biodegradable/Compostable at the end of its life.

Each pad has a convenient cotton hanging string. Flattened for transport to save space.

The perfect partner to our Wooden Dish Brushes, Dish Washing Soap Bar, and Compostable Cleaning Cloths


Use in warm water with washing up liquid, like a washing up sponge. Soak and remove baked on food first. To keep loofah fresh between uses, squeeze out excess water, shake out any food particles & hang to dry from the cotton string loop. Occasionally wash in the washing machine or by hand if desired.


  • Made from natural loofah plant.
  • Reusable, fully biodegradable and home compostable.
  • Registered with the Vegan Society.
  • LoofCo labels: FSC responsibly sourced card/ plant-based inks/ compostable cellulose stickers.
  • Skilfully created in Sri Lanka and Egypt. LoofCo take care to ensure that local farmers and production workers have an inclusive workplace and are treated fairly with wages and benefits.