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Stainless Steel Reusable Straw (Straight)

Stainless Steel Reusable Straw (Straight)

Ever Green Zero
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Millions of plastic straws are thrown away every single day usually just  minutes after use. Most of these straws are thrown into bins and end up littering our beautiful countryside and oceans. Make the switch today and replace disposable straws with a beautiful stainless steel straw. Pop it in your bag so that you never get caught out on the go.

Size: Length 21.5cm

Care instructions

With good care, a stainless steel straw should last you a long time, maybe even a lifetime!  Use a straw cleaner or pop it into the dishwasher to keep your reusable straw lovely and clean.


  • Increased efficiency in process technology has decreased the amount of energy required to manufacture stainless steel. Its impact on the environment is minimal when compared to other materials and its life impact reduces significantly as it used and recycled. The best part of recycling steel is that steel doesn’t experience downgrading. In other words, any type of steel can be recycled over and over again and still be used to make the highest-quality of steel.