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Eco Beau Beauty Gift Box
Eco Beau Beauty Gift Box
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The Beauty Box

Eco Beau
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This low waste Beauty Gift Box contains our favourite natural, sustainable and ethical skincare products, the perfect combination for a great natural skincare routine.


1 x ARGAN BEAUTY BALM (click title for more info)

Skin nourishing and silky smooth the Argan Beauty Balm is Wild Sage and Co's signature balm. It's great for dry, normal and oily skin and can also be used around the eyes, as it is both light and nourishing.

Argan is a deeply nutritious oil, famous for its benefits for the hair whilst also being greatly beneficial for the skin. It is rich in essential fatty acids, which penetrate deeply into the epidermis and are readily absorbed, nourishing from the inside out. At the same time it is a brilliant anti-inflammatory, improving skins elasticity and helping to smooth out fine lines and leave skin silky.

1 x CHAMOMILE AND CARROT SEED EYE CREAM (click title for more info)

If you are looking for an eye cream that covers all bases, then this Chamomile and Carrot Seed Eye Cream brought to you by White Rabbit Skincare is the one for you! This award-winning little gem tightens and firms the eye area, reduces under-eye circles and puffiness, repairs damaged skin and is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, all of which help reverse the signs of ageing.

Key ingredients include Rosehip Oil, which penetrates into lower layers of the skin and increases collagen production, Chamomile Essential Oil is a very gentle muscle relaxant which helps with fine lines, and Carrot Seed Essential Oil, which contains a huge amount of antioxidants and works to repair damage.

1 x OIL CLEANSING BEAUTY BALM (click title for more info)

The award winning Lyonsleaf Natural Beauty Balm is an Oil Cleansing Balm & Moisturiser in one! Cleanse, remove make-up, exfoliate, moisturise, nourish, repair and protect, all from one revolutionary little pot. The Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm is made with 95% sun-stable, tropical plant oils. These oils have evolved a myriad of anti-oxidants which prevent free-radical damage, a major contributor to premature ageing.

It can be used as a cleanser using the Oil Cleansing Method. Cleanse your face and remove make-up (including waterproof mascara) without stripping the skin’s natural oils. This helps skin retain moisture, keeping it plumped all day, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, especially for those with dry skin. Traditional products for oily skin often attempt to strip excess sebum. This can make skin overcompensate and actually produce more. Try oil cleansing with the Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm to re-balance oily or combination skin and reduce oily shine.

1 x REUSABLE BAMBOO MAKEUP REMOVER PADS X 8 (Click title for more info)

The La Nature Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads are a brilliant alternative to using disposable cotton rounds. Durable, and ultra-soft fabric has been carefully cut and stitched around the edges to create these two-layer, reusable and washable makeup remover pads. The front side of the pad feels incredible against your skin, and is so effective for removing makeup quickly and efficiently. The back side provides a gentle exfoliating action that leaves your skin clean and smooth.

Unlike other makeup remover pads, they effectively absorb only the right amount of your favourite makeup remover, helping you save money over time and leave a lighter footprint on the planet. They work fantastically well with any type of makeup remover, including oily and thick ones and after popping them in the wash stains are removed and they're back to white!