Kitchen Cleaning Gift Set

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A wonderful collection of eco-friendly kitchen cleaning items, perfect if you're looking to eliminate plastic from your kitchen! 



Plastic Free, with a FSC certified beech wood handle and natural Tampico bristles. This vegan friendly brush is fully biodegradable, made from sustainable materials. The perfect natural and sustainable alternative to plastic dishwashing brushes!

1 x COMPOSTABLE SPONGE CLOTHS - 2 Pack (click title for more info)

A pack of 2 plastic free, compostable sponge cleaning cloths made of natural renewable resources. These compostable sponge cloths are the perfect replacement for plastic sponges made of petrochemical compounds. They are more absorbent than the supermarket sponge cloths and are plastic free so they don't emit micro-plastic pollution.

1 x COCONUT FIBRE SCOURING PAD (click title for more info)

Scrub your dishes without damaging the planet with the Safix Scrub Pad, a compostable natural coconut fibre scrub pad providing a great alternative to the green and yellow plastic scrub pads commonly found in the home. These pads are made from natural coconut (coir) fibre bonded with a non toxic biodegradable adhesive and are suitable for use on most ‘non stick’ surfaces.

1 x HEAVY DUTY UNSPONGE (click title for more info)

A plastic free alternative to disposable dish sponges, introducing the Unsponge! Ideal for eco-friendly cleaning or minimal waste home, they also make great house warming gifts for green-conscious friends.

This heavy duty version is made with a strong, wide-mesh hessian (burlap) top for added scrubbing power and a strong canvas underlay for extra durability when you're tackling those tough pots and pans. 

1 x DISH WASHING SOAP BAR (Click title for more info)

Wave goodbye to plastic washing up liquid bottles forever and clean your dishes, pots and pans the eco-friendly way with the Eco Living dish washing soap bar.

Made here in the UK, and powered by organic plant-based ingredients, this 100% natural, plastic-free solid dish washing soap bar is tough on grease and grime, yet gentle on the planet. It's so mild the rinse water can be used on your plants! Palm Oil Free and made entirely of organic ingredients, this dish washing soap bar is a symbol of the worldwide plastic-free movement.

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