Mutiny Shaving Kit

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Billions of plastic disposable razors are thrown into landfill every year! They’re designed to be used only a few times and then thrown in the bin and are not recyclable as they are made of many different materials, including plastic, steel and rubber. Most major shave companies pack their shaving foams with toxic, unnatural chemicals in non recyclable containers and harmful plastic packaging. Additionally, plastic disposable razors are over designed and very expensive.

What's the solution?

A traditional reusable razor. Muting Shaving aim to encourage people to stop using plastic disposable, cartridge based razors and use the traditional recyclable methods.


What's included in the kit?

1 x 3 piece double edged safety razor

This traditional razor will give a close smooth shave without causing razor burn or ingrowing hairs. The handle unwinds allowing you to place a safety blade into the head. The lovely weighted metal razor with a stunning chrome finish will look fantastic in your bathroom and will last for years. Far kinder to your skin than disposable razors and so much better for the environment.

5 x replacement aluminium razor blades

Feather-light and ultra-sharp,  Shark Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades offer an unbeatable shave. The blades fit all double edge safety razors. As such they offer tremendous value when placed alongside cartridge blades and razors, delivering the same quality at a fraction of the cost. These blades are also recyclable & contain no plastic like their more expensive counterparts. Kinder to your skin, wallet & the environment. 

A vegan friendly, synthetic bristled, wooden handled shaving brush

The fantastic Mutiny Shaving Brush helps exfoliate your skin and soften your stubble ready for  your shave. The  simple, iconic squared off wooden oak handle is sourced and crafted from sustainable, ethical suppliers and proudly finished off with the Mutiny foil embossed logo.

A vegan friendly, natural shaving soap - Orange and Lavender

100% natural and vegan friendly Orange & Lavender shaving soap. Handmade using the traditional cold process and made entirely from 100% natural ingredients. Lathers up and smells beautiful, with a citrus scent & soothing lavender adding a smooth moisturising, cushioned layer for your shave. Each soap is hand cut so may differ slightly in shape. Packaged in 100% recyclable paper.

The Shave/Face Soap is a dual-purpose, high-performance shaving and facial cleansing bar. As a daily facial soap: Use in shower or bath to rid your face of dirt and toxins. Simply work into a lather with warm water and massage onto wet face, rinse clean. For traditional wet shaving: Use a wet shave brush or hands, work into a rich lather with warm water and apply to facial stubble. Proceed to shave with DE safety razor a close, smooth, clean and moisturising shave.


  • Mutiny Shaving donate a percentage of their profit to various environmental organisations to ensure we are a zero-carbon company.
  • The  simple, iconic squared off wooden shaving brush oak handle is sourced and crafted from sustainable, ethical suppliers. No animals were harmed in the making of this fantastic synthetic shaving brush.
  • 100% natural vegan friendly soap contains no parabens, no SLS, only natural, ethical ingredients. Not tested on animals.
  • Everything in the box is reusable, recyclable, vegan, animal and eco friendly. 

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