Essentials Zero Waste Gift Set



Looking to reduce your plastic consumption and start living a minimal waste lifestyle? Or maybe you are trying to encourage a family member or friend. What better way to start than with everyday, on the go items. Being prepared with these essential items will help you reduce unnecessary packaging and eliminate single-time use products when out and about.

This zero waste gift set has amazing reusable everyday items, the perfect introduction to helping you lead a minimal waste lifestyle.


rCUP REUSABLE COFFEE CUP (click link for more info)

Swap the ‘disposable’ coffee cup for a reusable one. Very few ‘disposable’ coffee cups are actually recycled and even the compostable ones need specialist management facilities to dispose of them correctly. Swapping to a reusable coffee cup is not only better for the environment but also for your finances. Did you know most major coffee chains offer discounts between 25p to 50p if you bring your own cup?

Available in 4 colours - Black/Mustard, Black/Teal, Cream/Teal, Cream/Green. 

JERRY WATER BOTTLE (click links for more info)
It’s crazy to think that a million plastic water bottles are bought every day worldwide. It’s one of the major contributors of plastic waste in our oceans and throughout our environment so it’s time to ditch the plastic bottle. It’s easy to pop in your bag and refill with free water on the go.

Available bottles - 550ml brushed steel bottle with metal lid, 550ml mirror steel bottle with bamboo lid, 750ml brushed steel bottle with metal lid. 

STAINLESS STEEL STRAW SET (click link for more info)

The plastic straw is one of the easiest swaps to make. So if you like a straw in your favourite tipple or it’s the kids who love them, get yourself a reusable straw. Send a positive message to those around you, refuse the plastic straw and get out your stainless steel or bamboo reusable straw.

This set includes 2 bent stainless steel straws and 1 straw cleaner. 

ORGANIC COTTON REUSABLE BAG (Optional) Click link for more info

Swap plastic shopping bags for a reusable cotton tote. There’s no such thing as a plastic ‘bag for life’. Get yourself a real bag for life with our organic cotton tote. It’s folds nicely and fits easily into your handbag and will last you for years!

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