BeeBee Organic Cotton Beeswax Wraps - The Cheese Collection Nature (3 x medium size wraps)

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Wrap. Eat. Wash. Repeat.

Beeswax wraps have a breathable quality which makes them ideal for storing cheese and keeping it fresher for longer. This means no more wet, sweaty cheese wrapped in plastic in your fridge and less food waste! Not only do BeeBee Wraps keep your cheese happily fresh for days and weeks on end, but with three different designs, you can easily identify which of your favourite cheese each BeeBee design is keeping fresh! 

Not only great for cheese storage, the medium wraps can be used for children's sandwiches, bowls of leftovers, herbs bundles or pouching up nuts. Keep your fruit and veg fresh and leftovers breathing space!

BeeBee Wraps are squares of organic cotton infused with a formula of beeswax, rosin, organic jojoba oil, often called beeswax food wraps.

3 pack: Each pack contains three medium wraps. In your pack you will receive medium BeeBee Wraps in Wheat, Sardines and Tulip designs.

  • Medium: 26 x 26 cm


Using the heat of your hands shape your BeeBee around bowls and food to create a breathable seal. Play around and feel how they are malleable when warm and hold their shape when cold. Once the wrap is bonded it has formed a seal that keeps your food fresh. Wrap pretty much anything in a BeeBee wrap except raw meat or fish. Avoid heat (so no microwaves) and don't wrap food that is still hot. 


Hand wash in cold soapy water and leave it to drip dry. Do not use hot water or harsh detergents as it will strip the finish. Leave to line dry or wipe with a drying cloth. Roll your wrap to store it between uses.

Your BeeBee wrap is made from beeswax which will feel different at varying temperatures. In warmer environments they feel softer, in colder, they feel firmer and not as tacky.

Do not wash your BeeBee beeswax wrap in the dishwasher or washing machine. They love to be hand washed in cold water. Ensure the food is cold before wrapping.

They are reusable and with care will last for at least a year. The grippy quality of your wrap will reduce with use, however, they can still work effectively to wrap food. When it comes to the end of it's life, ensure you leave no trace by composting it or using as a firelight on your BBQ, campfire or wood-burning stove!


    • Stop plastic pollution - BeeBee wraps are your plastic free, planet friendly alternative to clingfilm. They're a natural product meaning at the end of their life they can be composted and return to the earth, just as nature intended!
    • Organic - Using 'GOTS' certified organic cotton and dyes they contain no pesticides or toxic dyes.
    • Cut food waste - The breathable seal stops food becoming sweaty, with less moisture your food last longer cutting down on food waste and saving you money.
    • British Beeswax - Beeswax is a sustainable, natural resource that has amazing properties - antibacterial, waterproof, a natural food preserver. The beeswax is sourced from British bees whose keepers adhere to the Bee Farmers Association’s Welfare Code of Conduct.
    • The tree resin is responsibly sourced from European pine forests.
    • 100% compostable.
    • Handmade in Cambridge, UK.

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