Organic Mesh Cotton Produce Bags - Set of 3

When it comes to tackling the problem of single-use plastic bags we tend to think of shopping bags however plastic produce bags (the thin clear bags we see in our fruit and veg aisles) are just as problematic. 

What's the solution?

These certified organic mesh produce bags are perfect for carrying your fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs. As they're breathable you can leave your fresh produce inside the bag. They are lightweight making them perfect for popping in your bag and for weighing your fresh produce in store. Be part of the circular economy, not the linear, with these reusable produce bags.

The set includes one of each three sizes:

Small - 26cm x 20cm

Medium - 26cm x 36cm

Large - 45cm x 32cm

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold, tumble or line dry.


  • Plastic Free
  • Zero Waste
  • Made responsibly, ethically and by farmers who respect nature and observe the guideline of the Global Organic Textile Standard

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